Many drivers are finding themselves working from home and no longer needing to make lengthy commutes to work in their cars. Some are even finding that they are having to cut expenses in order to survive during this period of quarantine.

As a part of the cost cutting, drivers who find they aren’t using their cars, may be inclined to terminate their car insurance if they aren’t using it. If you find yourself thinking about cancelling your car insurance, here is why you probably shouldn’t.

In Pennsylvania, your car insurance can protect you even if you aren’t actually driving.

For example, if a pedestrian is walking through a crosswalk and a driver fails to yield, hitting the pedestrian, that pedestrian’s car insurance could pay for the first $5,000 worth of medical bills. And that’s because your car insurance protects you from injuries “arising out of the use of a motor vehicle” — it doesn’t say that the injured party has to be the one using the motor vehicle.

Car insurance also protects individuals from being personally exposed for any injuries they may cause. We should all strive to be safe and careful drivers, but as we know, crashes happen. If a driver injures someone, their insurance will protect them up to their policy limit in order to shield them from having to come out-of-pocket to compensate the injured victim.

The same applies if someone is injured by a driver with low or no insurance. If the injured party has Underinsured or Uninsured Motorist coverage on their insurance policy, it offers a source of recovery in the event they are seriously injured.

So while cost-cutting is a real concern, your car insurance should not be on that list.

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