Almost every personal injury case requires expert testimony to get certain pieces of information into evidence. The type of case you are involved in will determine the type of expert needed.

An expert’s testimony is important because they can do what a lay witness (someone who does not have expertise in an area) cannot; they can offer expert opinion testimony about a particular subject, whereas lay witnesses can only testify about what they personally observed.

In nearly all injury cases, a medical expert will need to testify. In order to establish causation (that the injuries were caused by the accident), the treating physician will usually be the best medical practitioner to answer those questions. The doctor will appear either by way of video deposition or live at trial to testify that: (1) the injuries are causally related; (2) that the treatment received was reasonable; (3) the injuries are or are not permanent. Without this testimony, any evidence of your injuries are inadmissible.

There are experts that can be used for other things as well. Experts can be used to prove if a product is defective, or if another medical practitioner failed to follow the appropriate standard of care and much more.

The right expert for your case can mean the difference between achieving full civil justice or not.

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