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By Shaheen Wallace, Esq. April 23, 2020

Why Is My Attorney so Concerned About My Social Media?

So much of what we do in our “private life” is no longer private because of the advent of social media. Where we go, what we do, what we’re eating and who we are doing it all with is often public knowledge with the flick of our thumbs. This sharing of information can bring together family and friends but it can also do damage to the value of your personal injury case.

We all know that social media generally captures the highlights of our lives. We rarely put the low moments out in public, and insurance companies know this and will try to use it against you.

For example, if a person was injured and says that it has made it difficult to enjoy being out in public because of the shame of their injuries, but there is a photograph of that person outside with a group of people laughing, the insurance company will use it. The insurance company will point and say “Look at them enjoying life. This is the exact opposite of what they claim.” However, that picture on social media might not depict how the person spent the three hours before crying over the fear of going out, the fifteen minutes before that it took to get them to muster up the will to smile, and then the hours later spent hating the picture because they felt like a fraud

Social media does not always capture the full truth.

Your attorney will recommend that you make your social media private. Do not delete anything. But just make it private because if an insurance company can use your smile against you to deny full civil justice, they will.

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