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By Shaheen Wallace, Esq. May 21, 2020

Why Are My Medical Records Not Private?

For the most part, your medical records are private and protected by HIPAA laws. However, that is not quite so when you file a personal injury lawsuit.

If someone files suit alleging that they were injured as a result of someone’s negligence, they have put their health at issue. That means that their physical condition–past, present, and future –is now an issue for an insurance company or a jury to consider. To consider your physical condition, they’ll need to see medical records.

Your medical records also become pivotal in proving medical causation. Without your medical records, an attorney is not able to prove through medical testimony that the negligence caused the injury.

Medical records are limited to being used for the evaluation of your damages by an insurance company or at trial, and the right to see those records ends there. Without proper authorization from you or a court, no one else has the right to view those documents.

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