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By Shaheen Wallace, Esq. April 23, 2020

How on Earth Do I Pay for Medical Bills After a Crash?

After a car accident, an individual’s car insurance should kick in to pay the first $5,000 worth of medical bills (depending on the car insurance policy). This is known as 1st party medical benefits. Once the first party benefits are exhausted, your health insurance will come in to pay the rest of the bills that you incur from your treatment.

Having your own health insurance pay for your medical treatment can be frustrating as it can mean having to pay co-pays over the course of several months or even years. It can also be confusing because many are left wondering why the injured party has to pay their own medical bills. It is strange, but that’s the law in Pennsylvania.

While the injured party must pay their own medical bills, those bills are known as economic damages, and they are recoverable at trial. So, as a part of trying to resolve an injury case, we try to recover any out-of-pocket expenses incurred from the treatment.

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